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Welcome Back, Bizzy B!

December 20, 2021 Vincent A. Lanci/ Brittany Shillingford Season 12 Episode 8
That Entrepreneur Show
Welcome Back, Bizzy B!
Show Notes
Brittany Shillingford returns from over 100 episodes ago! She shares how she survived adn thrived through covid, teaches us how to adapt as she nears 10 years in business, that nothing is guaranteed year-to-year when it comes to running a small business, and much more.

From introducing BizzyB Perks, to now offering global shipping, you will learn all of the steps involved in true growth.

Episode #170 of "That Entrepreneur Show"

Each week, the founder of a company or brand shares what worked for them, what they needed to improve on, and all of their learning lessons along the way.

Meet Brittany: My goal is to make the busy woman feel put together with the addition of just one accessory.

Hi Everyone! My name is Brittany, or B for short.

All I ever wanted to do is be able to go through the activities of my day, (from the gym to yoga, to running errands and out to dinner) while looking effortlessly adorable. You might say that is unreasonable, but that’s why I started Bizzybcrafts. The only thing I love just as much as I love creating headbands is helping people look effortlessly adorable throughout their busy day. If looking put together despite not having had time to wash your hair is on your bucket list, you've come to the right place.

Who is B?

I am 31 and I was born and raised in New York. When I started this business I had no idea how to sew. Over the years I taught myself how to sew and fell in love with it. After doing this as a side hustle for 7 years, I quit my job in April 2019 to do this full time! Being able to create something with my hands that someone will wear fills me with so much excitement. 

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