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Why You Need a Lunch Break

October 31, 2021 Vincent A. Lanci/ Alexander Abell Season 11 Episode 11
That Entrepreneur Show
Why You Need a Lunch Break
Show Notes

The Founder, CEO & Lunch Break Enforcer at Lunchpool is here to tell us why a Lunch break is vital to your success.

In this episode, you will learn how to create more meaningful connections, tips for managing employees in multiple states, help expanding your vision, and tons more!

Episode #159 - "What It's Really Like to Be an Entrepreneur" has been rebranded  to "That Entrepreneur Show"

Each week, the founder of a company or brand shares what worked for them, what they needed to improve on, and all of their learning lessons along the way.

This week, the Founder of Lunchpool and third overall guest EVER, rejoins the show for a Rewind the Clock Bonus episode.

Host Vincent A. Lanci will continue to bring back a few guests per season who are continuing to make headlines and have new announcements for Rewind the Clock episodes.

Alexander Abell is dedicated with a sole focus to utilizing empathy-building technologies to end feelings of loneliness, social isolation, and depression brought on by our use of modern digital platforms.

Meet Abell: I’m a serial entrepreneur, social innovator, and technology enthusiast. In 2018, I founded Lunchpool to dream up new ways to connect people who want to share their time and resources with others. I live in Knoxville, Tennessee, and I have the pleasure of serving a growing team distributed across the country.

My team at Lunchpool has helped create meaningful connections between thousands of people all over the world through virtual experiences that are designed to bring back some humanity into the increasingly digital age we are living in today.

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