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Celebrity Dentist Dr. Steven Glassman Opens Season 11

September 10, 2021 Vincent A. Lanci/ Dr. Steven Glassman Season 11 Episode 1
That Entrepreneur Show
Celebrity Dentist Dr. Steven Glassman Opens Season 11
Show Notes

Episode #149 - "What It's Really Like to Be an Entrepreneur" has been rebranded  to "That Entrepreneur Show"

To begin Season 11, we are joined by the one and only Dr. Steven Glassman. This celebrity dentist based in Manhattan NY gives you tips on how to attract celebrities, how to stick out against your competition, thrive for over 25 years in your field, different techniques to manage employees and so much more! Tune-in to level up your life!

Today’s guest is the Co-Founder of one of Glassman Dental Care in the Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York. He is a leading cosmetic dentist who makes life changing-dental makeovers. 

When you have a radiant, beautiful smile, you have the confidence to be your best whether it’s in a job interview, blind date, or social gathering. 

Just because you weren’t genetically gifted with perfect teeth doesn’t mean you have to settle for anything less than your ideal smile. 

Meet The Team!

  • Our husband and wife team have been practicing dentistry for 35 years.
  • Our team treats celebrities. We are dentists to the stars.
  • We are faculty members of 3i Zimmer Biomet. We teach and train other dental professionals for various schools and companies
  • We are clinical innovators who educate other dental professionals in the newest technologies and techniques in cosmetic dentistry.
  • Dr. Steven Glassman is a national speaker for Invisalign® Align Technology as well as a Case Shootout Award winner.
  • Dr. Steven Glassman and Dr. Debra Glassman were both featured as Life-Changing Cosmetic Dentists in the Lifetime TV’s “SMILE” Television Series
  • We have published several articles in highly regarded industry journals and magazines.
  • Our entire team has been vaccinated against COVID-19 and we are utilizing additional safety protocols to keep you safe.

Guest : Dr. Steven Glassman
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