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On Vacation Abroad, Phone Dies, No Outlets...What Do You Do?

July 21, 2021 Vincent A. Lanci/ Desmond A. Wiggan, Jr. Season 10 Episode 3
That Entrepreneur Show
On Vacation Abroad, Phone Dies, No Outlets...What Do You Do?
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Episode #140

"What It's Really Like to Be an Entrepreneur"
has been rebranded  to "That Entrepreneur Show" Whether you are looking to start or scale your business, this is the show for you. You never know which motivational journey will inspire you most. This week, the show is joined by Desmond A. Wiggan, Jr. (CEO & Co-Founder at  BatteryXchange)

Imagine taking a vacation and while you’re out seeing the sights, your phone dies, disconnecting you from the people who matter most. 

You no longer have access to your GPS, to find your way back to your hotel and you don’t see an IPhone charger anywhere. 

As it starts to rain, you find yourself running around to every store within view to get a charge but there is none.  

The language barrier is too deep that locals don’t understand your plea for help. They either smile and keep walking or they think you’re crazy and run away from you. This exact situation happened to us and is what sparked the idea to help millennials #LiveLifeCharged!

Meet Desmond!
Character: I am a highly motivated innovator that aspires to emulate leaders such as the Rockefellers, and the Carnegie's for my generation.

People are important: During my early career in I learned the importance of relationships and networking(Guanxi), which has now made me a relationship seeker and networking junky.

Mission: I wish to leave a legacy for me and my family. My goal is to gain as much exposure, experience, and knowledge as I can.

Meet Battery Exchange

BatteryXchange enhances our users charging experience by providing a slim portable battery in the most convenient and efficient way possible. Our mobile application allows for quick access to our batteries and our easy rental process is simple so that  you can enjoy your day and night, wherever you are!  Our portable batteries are compatible with all Android and iOS devices.

With our platform, users are no longer tied to an outlet or a wall socket. Our customers are able to travel, recharge, & enjoy life.

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Host Name: Vincent A. Lanci

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