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Personal Branding with Lisa Haggis

July 14, 2021 Vincent A. Lanci/ Lisa Haggis Season 10 Episode 2
That Entrepreneur Show
Personal Branding with Lisa Haggis
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Season 10, Episode 2 with Lisa Haggis (Canada)

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Lisa started her business to get out of a bad work situation -- she’d spent her corporate career feeling like a square peg in a round hole. She sacrificed so much of herself to be successful but ended up getting let go from her job anyway.

As she cleaned out her desk and threw away papers that seemed so important the day before, she promised to never compromise herself for a job again. She came across an article on personal branding weeks later, and it completely changed her view on how to show up authentically.

Lisa started working for herself to prove that she could succeed as her true self. She felt pulled to shed off the dehumanizing rules of professionalism and pretense that she’d been taught and see whether it was possible to let that go.

Similarly, she wanted to help businesses put their genuine viewpoints out there, so they could create interesting brands. In her decade as a marketer, she learned the key to strong marketing is having something worthwhile to offer and something original to say. She decided to become a brand strategist to help businesses create noteworthy brands and in turn, become marketable.

She is the founder of Realize Your Brand, a high-touch business consultancy, and the creator of the Substantial Branding Method -- an approach that transforms your growing business into the legacy-level brand that you uniquely are meant to create.

Guest Name: Lisa Haggis

Host Name: Vincent A. Lanci

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