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Shark Tank Led These Brothers to Barbara Corcoran

July 07, 2021 Vincent A. Lanci/ Danny Mastronardo Season 10 Episode 1
That Entrepreneur Show
Shark Tank Led These Brothers to Barbara Corcoran
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Shark Tank and Good Morning America's Nardo's Natural comes to the show with Co-Founder Danny Mastronardo for our Season 10 Premiere.

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The story began when the four Mastronardo brothers discovered the health benefits of coconut oil for the skin. The brothers were inspired to formulate a responsible skincare line with ingredients derived from nature. A few months later, Nardo's Natural developed their first moisturizer in their kitchen. The family business has since introduced a variety of USDA Certified Organic products and continues to grow everyday.  Nardo's Natural sources locally and coined the phrase “MADE LOCAL, THINK GLOBAL”.  Nardo's manufactures and formulates premium skincare and is headquartered in Tampa Bay Florida.  With growth, future plans are to expand local job creation while increasing warehousing, offices and distribution in the USA.  Nardo’s Natural has every intention to provide more jobs within the community and promote green business partnerships.

The Four Brothers of Nardo's Natural recently competed on ABC's Shark Tank and reeled in the catch of a lifetime.  Nardo’s Natural welcomes their new business partner, Barbara Corcoran, widely known as the woman who turned a $1,000 loan into a billion dollar empire. “We four brothers were so thrilled to introduce a big sister into the mix, it’s going to be an exciting journey!” Says DJ Nardo, oldest of the four brothers. The brothers plan to expand their market while introducing a new innovative organic products. Barbara Corcoran has already teamed the boys up with Good Morning America's, Tory Johnson. Tory recently featured Nardo's Natural on Good Morning America and the response was phenomenal. The Brothers of Nardo's Natural plan to attend a few major Spa Conferences and have quite a few organic surprises up their sleeve!

Guest Name: Danny Mastronardo
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Host Name: Vincent A. Lanci

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