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The First Interview in Spanish! La Mama Soltera Ganadora

July 04, 2021 Vincent A. Lanci/ Kaywanda Lamb Season 9 Episode 12
That Entrepreneur Show
The First Interview in Spanish! La Mama Soltera Ganadora
Show Notes

4th of July Bonus Episode with Kaywanda Lamb (Texas)

My first podcast recording in Spanish is here! I have a long way to go in mastering this language but wanted to share my progress. I challenge you to trust your process and accept certain things take time. Aim for progress, not perfection! Thank you for joining me, Kaywanda. -Vincent

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The final week of Season 9 has another bonus episode for you.

Meet Kaywanda:

She is the CEO & Founder of Spanish for Small Business. Her passion for Spanish started in the 6th-grade Spanish class. She never forgot how fun it was to speak a foreign language. When she entered high school, she studied French and Latin. 

She later studied Business Administration with a minor in Spanish and continued to earn a Masters in Spanish Literature. After graduating with her business degree, she returned to her alma mater to get a full degree in Spanish. 

For the past 5 years, Kaywanda has taught entrepreneurs and small business owners conversational Spanish using her AIM (Adaptive Instruction Model) Method. She’s learned to teach her adult clients what they need to interface with their clients and to do so with confidence and ease.

She also runs where she leads a tribe of single mothers who want to make more money, manage motherhood, and win at life.
Spanish for Small Business Website:

You can check out her first two episodes here:

Host Name: Vincent A. Lanci

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