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Adam Nasir of Smarter Contact Offers Tips to Success

June 27, 2021 Vincent A. Lanci/ Adam Nasir Season 9 Episode 10
That Entrepreneur Show
Adam Nasir of Smarter Contact Offers Tips to Success
Show Notes

Episode 134 - Adam Nasir 
Founder of Smarter Contact
Streaming from Ukraine

"What It's Really Like to Be an Entrepreneur" has been rebranded  to "That Entrepreneur Show"

Adam Nasir rejoins the show for a bonus Rewind the Clock episode.

Host Vincent A. Lanci interviews the founder of a different company from across the country and around the world on each episode. Whether you are looking to start or scale your business, this is the show for you. You never know which guest you will resonate with most!

This week, the show offers another bonus episode. In this show, you will hear countless stories to Adam's rise to where he is today. Hearing him speak will instill the confidence boost you need to take your future to the next level. Nasir will share what worked well for him and what areas he made a pivot to reach new success.

About Smarter Contact:
Best In Class Interface & Best In Class Delivery Rate

Text message marketing can take your business to new heights. Find out how investors are getting 10X, 20X even 50X ROI on their marketing dollars...

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You save HOURS every day because all of your contacts are in one, easy to use software. Follow-up with leads automatically with pre-built messaging campaigns. Manage your entire marketing system with a few easy clicks.

Other features include "Ringless Voicemail Drops & Automation" and "Connects beautifully with top CRMs"

Connect with Nasir on LinkedIn here:
Head to the Smarter Contact website here:

Host Name: Vincent A. Lanci

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