That Entrepreneur Show

How She Built a 6 Figure Business in 6 Months

May 26, 2021 Vincent A. Lanci/ Brianca Johnson Season 9 Episode 4
That Entrepreneur Show
How She Built a 6 Figure Business in 6 Months
Show Notes

Episode #128 - "What It's Really Like to Be an Entrepreneur" has been rebranded  to "That Entrepreneur Show" Whether you are looking to start or scale your business, this is the show for you.

Host Vincent A. Lanci interviews the founder of a different company from around the world on each episode. You never know which motivational journey will motivate you most.

Season 9, Episode 4: Vincent A. Lanci interviews Brianca Johnson, streaming from Georgia (GA).

Meet Brianca Johnson:

👋🏽 Hey Friend! I'm Brianca, Launch Strategist & Online Business Coach for solopreneurs who are ready to leverage their expertise to launch an offer they love & that sells.

Through the Followers-to-Customers Accelerator™ and the Clarity to Coins VIP Day™, I help my clients:
• Position themselves as experts online.
• Map out their signature offer.
• Clarify their messaging.
• Develop a customized, profitable launch & marketing strategy.

"...After working with her I had an entire plan mapped out in order to hit my goal of enrolling 100 people into the program with a 2 week span of time. Using the tools and information she equipped me with I was able to enroll 98 women in less than 7 days and I ended the year hitting my first 6-figure month. Hiring Brianca was one the greatest decisions I made for my business in 2020 and I honestly wish I had done it sooner."

While your results will vary, know that they will be anything besides ordinary. That's my promise to you.

SERVICES: 1:1 Coaching / Group Coaching / Online Courses / Marketing & Launch Consulting
-Over 100 clients served
-Over 10 new programs built
-Over $260,000 generated by my top 6 clients.

🎤 As a 𝗦𝗣𝗘𝗔𝗞𝗘𝗥, I speak at conferences, summits, workshops, retreats, schools/colleges, and more, on the topics of:

-Leave to Launch: How I Left Corporate America During Covid-19 And Built a 6-Figure Business in 6 Months.
-Make Your Own Seat: How to Leverage Your Corporate Skills to Build an Offer You Love In Less Than 6 Months.

📚 MA Marketing & Advertising Communications
📚 BA Business Administration & Marketing Concentration

Host Name:
Vincent A. Lanci

Guest Name: Brianca Johnson

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