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Corona Virus Stories and Testimonials Day 3

March 28, 2020 Vincent A. Lanci Season 2 Episode 15
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Corona Virus Stories and Testimonials Day 3
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Show Notes

For the forty eighth episode and fifteenth episode of Season 2, Vincent A. Lanci brings you Day 3 of Corona Virus Stories and Testimonials - March 25, 2020. #CoronaVirusUnity

I’ve had the opportunity to team up with some of my close friends and colleagues to share our stories, how corona virus has affected us personally, and how it also has affected our businesses, in efforts to bring us all together.

Each day this week, I will release different testimonials from different industries and different states to bring us all together through our stories

Thank you to all of the people on the front line fighting this Corona Virus. We appreciate you very much.

Here's the link to Day 3:

Thank you for sharing your story. I hope it helps everyone. #CoronaVirusUnity #AloneTogether

Tony Alexander, People Leader at SGI Services
Carol Marino, Executive Assistant at Tampa International Airport
Matt McNair, Videographer/ Photographer
Supna Doshi, Co-Founder Alinea Productions

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