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#352: Giving First, Receiving Later with Michael Budensiek

March 30, 2024 Vincent A. Lanci/ Michael Budensiek Season 22 Episode 28
That Entrepreneur Show
#352: Giving First, Receiving Later with Michael Budensiek
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Show Notes

Michael is one of the most inspirational guests ever to join the show. This week, he teaches us how to:

  • Putting focus in the correct areas
  • Ethos: Authenticity and being real
  • How to not lose yourself in the process
  • AI: How to use it without replacing your voice, and much more!

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Our guest today is Michael, a man whose path to success is as unique as it is inspiring. Despite not graduating high school, he earned his GED through his early work as a carpenter and his dedication to fitness. After a brief stint in college and a career as a firefighter/EMT, he felt a strong pull towards the fitness industry. This led him to complete a 5-month Personal Training course after moving across the country. Starting as a trainer in Indianapolis, he eventually rose to the position of a successful Personal Training manager.

In 2013, he opened his first studio, expanding to 5 locations in 5 years. He then ventured into consulting, coaching over 60 business owners. In 2019, he sold his first company to pursue a new fitness venture in Tampa, FL, with his wife. Michael shares free content through podcasts, social media, and writing, now focusing on coaching individuals for business, career, and life growth with tailored strategic plans.

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He also shared his courageous testimonial on A Mental Health Break, which can be heard here:

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