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#349: A Stop in Dubai to Sit with Arvin Khamseh

March 20, 2024 Vincent A. Lanci/ Arvin Khamseh Season 22 Episode 25
That Entrepreneur Show
#349: A Stop in Dubai to Sit with Arvin Khamseh
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Show Notes

-As a Counsel at Forbes, I leverage my extensive experience and expertise in NFT marketing, demand generation, and media buying to help the company and its clients achieve their goals in the crypto space. I have a proven track record of delivering successful NFT campaigns, generating qualified leads, and managing profitable PPC budgets for public companies and high-profile NFT projects.

-With over 10 years of marketing experience, I have consulted with more than 400 NFT brands, resulting in several multi-million dollar sellouts within hours. I have also helped a NASDAQ-listed company and several Fortune 500 companies increase their conversions and revenues using Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin ads.

-I am rated the #1 NFT Marketing Expert on Fiverr and a featured expert on Revealbot and Gohighlevel. I am also a globally recognized thought leader in the crypto space, regularly quoted by major media outlets and invited to speak at prestigious blockchain events. My mission is to empower and educate people on the potential and opportunities of NFTs and crypto.-how to sell collections, and NFTs,

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Areas of discussion with Arvin include:

  • How to build a brand from 0
  • How selling games got him into entrepreneurship 
  • What is a minting process?
  • His first crypto trade

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