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#347: 7 Principles for Success with John St Pierre

March 08, 2024 Vincent A. Lanci/ John St. Pierre Season 22 Episode 23
That Entrepreneur Show
#347: 7 Principles for Success with John St Pierre
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Show Notes

This week, we welcome an accomplished entrepreneur with a remarkable 25-year journey marked by significant successes and invaluable lessons from failures. John St. Pierre is not just an entrepreneur; he is a visionary leader who co-founded and scaled two companies to over $50M+ in global revenues. 

He began his entrepreneurial career while still in college, kick-starting his journey as a franchisee for College Pro Painters. John's journey includes stints with, WorldAtMyDoor, and the co-founding of Legacy Global Sports, BrandPoint Services, and Rhombus Group.

John is also the author of "The $100M Journey," where he shares the seven principles for entrepreneurial success and co-hosts the  "Entrepreneurs United Podcast," providing valuable insights and discussions on entrepreneurial journeys.

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Areas of discussion with John include:

  • Being terminated from own company after bootstrapping to $5M yearly revenue 
  • How to grow your business from a Lifestyle business to a High-Performance business to create the wealth and freedom you desire
  • First entrepreneurial experience: Selling chocolate bars as a kid!
  • Building a culture of Intrapreneurship in your organization
  • 7 Principles for entrepreneurial success 
  • Why Cash is King and Queen, how to calculate net operating cash flow, calculate your self-financeable growth rate, develop a 3-year capital strategy, and other financial tools most entrepreneurs do not use
  • How to Move From CEO to Chairperson

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