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#345: Giving Daily Gifts and Publishing Dreams with Teresa Velardi

February 27, 2024 Vincent A. Lanci/ Teresa Velardi Season 22 Episode 21
That Entrepreneur Show
#345: Giving Daily Gifts and Publishing Dreams with Teresa Velardi
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Show Notes

Welcome back to That Entrepreneur Show! Host Vincent A. Lanci recently had his 7th book release and 2nd as a Co-Author. The publisher behind the release, 10x Author and Founder Authentic Endeavors Publishing, Teresa Velardi, is here!

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Meet our Guest: Change is the one thing we can always count on  (whether we like it or not). All of us, at one time or another, experience change. It is an ongoing process; life itself is a continuous transformation. The last few years are living proof. In addition to being a coach, I am also a potter. The process of making pottery is such a great illustration of transformation. A ball of clay becomes a work of art!

I’ve come to believe that personal and business growth comes from the willingness to do things differently while being open to all possibilities in the transformation process. More often than not, when we think life couldn’t get any better or any more uncomfortable, something brings us to the next level of our growth, just like the strengthening of the clay in the fire. Afterward, we realize it all had to unfold exactly how it did to live our most authentic lives. Many of us have to reinvent ourselves in many areas, and I can help you get to where you need to be.
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-Publisher/ 10x Author/ Editor Teresa Velardi Joins the Writing with Authors
-She also had the courage to share her journey on A Mental Health Break

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