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#343: How to Become a Better Leader with Melahni Ake

February 14, 2024 Vincent A. Lanci/ Melahni Ake Season 22 Episode 19
That Entrepreneur Show
#343: How to Become a Better Leader with Melahni Ake
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Show Notes

My greatest strength is to add value to others by challenging people to connect to their purpose through creating programs that inspire them to explore, develop and share their passions. We all have the potential to help each other realize and live our dreams that inspire positive change in the world.

I was born a servant leader who has developed strong beliefs from my leadership mentors, including Dr. John Maxwell, Walt Disney, Simon Sinek, and my grandparents. I am an inspirational speaker, 5 X Best Selling author, podcast host, and a UINDY Alumni, and hold a bachelor's and associate's degree in Business Administration, Organizational Leadership, and Psychology.  My company Everyday Leaders, was inspired through her certification into the John Maxwell Team as a speaker, coach, and trainer.

I quickly developed a vision for starting Everyday Leaders 50in50 podcast to celebrate every day leaders who are making a bigger impact in the world. Through this process, I have interviewed hundreds of thought leaders from around the world, teaching principles to help others overcome everyday obstacles.

My company Everyday Leaders, contracts with and serves sales professionals, entrepreneurs, corporations and nonprofit community programs who want to strategically improve their own leadership potential and create significance in the world.  I passionately lead a morning leadership devotional every day at 7:30 am that started Oct 1, 2019.

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