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#334: Selling his Company to Robi Music with Robi

January 23, 2024 Vincent A. Lanci/ Ryan Robidoux Season 22 Episode 10
That Entrepreneur Show
#334: Selling his Company to Robi Music with Robi
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Show Notes

He first joined us in the trenches when was growing his company. He has since exited and jumped into the world of music. Click play to learn his story!

If you missed his first episode from January 15, 2020 (4+ years ago!), make sure to catch the conversation from when he was in the trenches for his company here: 

Ryan Robidoux (ROBI) is a father, husband, business owner and music artist (or as he puts it, a Noise Maker).

Having founded and ran an IT consulting firm for 7 years, ROBI decided to dive all the way into his passion for creating music. He sold his firm in 2023, and his music releases have been on a path of growth. 

Regarding the juggling act of family, business, and music, ROBI insists that he doesn’t juggle - but rather picks up ONE ball at a time. He credits his success to a supportive partner, developing systems, and focusing (not multitasking). 

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