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#333: Debbie Lundberg Presents Powerfully for Gasparilla

January 22, 2024 Vincent A. Lanci/Debbie Lundberg Season 22 Episode 9
That Entrepreneur Show
#333: Debbie Lundberg Presents Powerfully for Gasparilla
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Show Notes

DEBBIE LUNDBERG BELIEVES "HOW YOU PRESENT IS HOW YOU ARE REMEMBERED"! Debbie joins us for the 2nd episode of the 2024 Gasparilla Overload. 

She is the 2006 founder & CEO of the Florida-based National firm, Presenting Powerfully. 

Debbie combined her 14 years of automotive leadership, her adjunct facilitation running simultaneously for 11 of those years with her extensive schooling to embark on her business endeavor for passionately and purposefully enhancing :

1) communication, behaviors & relationships, 
2)leading & leadership, and 
3) emotional intelligence & kindness through the following four offerings: Keynotes & Talks, Strategy & Facilitation, Teaming & Training, and Coaching & Consulting.

As an 11-time published author, 2-time book contributor, certified virtual presenter, certified life coach, certified leadership coach, and certified image consultant, Debbie is a performance coach who writes a monthly business etiquette column for Tampa Bay Business & Wealth magazine. Debbie also co-hosts The Business Of Life Master (TBOL) Class Podcast. Her 2020 book, REMOTE WORK ROCKSTAR, quickly became the guidebook for working and leading virtually!  

A quick dose of Debbie can be seen in her 2020 TED Talk “Who Cares? You CARE!” She serves on many boards and is a pillar of her community. 

Team Lundberg, which includes Michael and their four-legged daughter, a lab rescue, Daisy, reside in South Tampa, where they settled in 2004.

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This rockstar also joined the show for a Podcast to Podcast bonus episode to discuss her podcast with co-host Barb Zant. You can learn about their show here.

As one of Lanci’s most visited guests, she made her first Gasparilla OVerload appearance in 2023. She also shares some of her favorite holiday memories. Join the conversation here:

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