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#328: Attract, Recruit, & Retain Employees with Gerry Gadoury

January 08, 2024 Vincent A. Lanci/ Gerry Gadoury Season 22 Episode 4
That Entrepreneur Show
#328: Attract, Recruit, & Retain Employees with Gerry Gadoury
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Show Notes

"In The War For Talent, There Is No Second Place!" You can get ready for top tips if you need help in the attraction phase, recruiting, or retention phases with Gerry Gadoury.

Host Vincent A. Lanci is excited to bring on a book-coaching client turned friend to celebrate the release of his new book, Destination Employer. You can grab this value-filled book here.

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About his company: RedBeard Solutions is an SBA-certified Service Disabled Veteran Professional services firm with a strong focus on Cybersecurity and tech. Our passion is ensuring that our Member firms enjoy an unfair advantage in attracting, recruiting, and retaining the best CyberSecurity and tech talent in their Marketplace.

How do we do that?
-Cybersecurity & Technology focused RaaS Platform
-Destination Employer Roadmap (Assessment/Guide) - How does your firm stack up?
-Employer Brand creation, expansion, and protection
-Consistent, efficient, and cost-effective Recruitment
-Talent Retention Strategies

About the book: Attract. Recruit. Retain.

If you can’t grow your team, you can’t grow your business.

If you are a Founder, CEO, CIO, CISO, this is the biggest part of your job. Fullstop.

Regardless of overall labor-market conditions, in-demand talent will have options. It is up to you to gain their attention, convince them to join your team, and keep them with you. How do you do that? How do market leaders like Google, Harvard, and Apple consistently achieve this outcome? They cultivate a reputation for being “the place” to grow your career. Potential employees know that if they join those firms they can 10X their career. Said differently, they become Destination Employers.

In this hands-on book, we break down the Destination Employer Methodology into twelve key elements that you can implement within your organization. This is done in an actionable, step-by-step format so you can not only match the industry leader’s strategy but beat them at the game of building world-changing teams.

This will transform how you do business and give you an unfair competitive advantage that will maximize the likelihood of your company crushing growth goals and becoming a Unicorn.

Would you be interested in connecting with the host or guest? Email Danica at to get started.

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