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How to Sell Better Than Amazon with Sam Mallikarjunan

May 25, 2023 Vincent A. Lanci/ Sam Mallikarjunan Season 18 Episode 11
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How to Sell Better Than Amazon with Sam Mallikarjunan
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Show Notes

How to Sell Better than Amazon... yes you read that right.

We welcome Sam Mallikarjunan to That Entrepreneur Show- where founders of companies and brands share their  journeys, lessons learned, tips for success, and more each week since 2019.

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A  areas of discussion include:

  • Why he handed out 50k to small businesses 
  • Warning signs for burnout
  • Not being reliant on one source of marketing 
  • Why he started, challenging areas of entrepreneurship 

WEEKLY SPOTLIGHT STORY: As we have an all-star in the Amazon world on the show today, we will look at an article titled, How Selling On Amazon Can Make You A Better Entrepreneur, and then get Sam’s take on it. Follow along here.

Meet Mallikarjunan : I help build organizations that drive growth. Enduring companies build engines of growth and teams with the right muscles to test, experiment, and challenge assumptions. 

Growth isn't a mysterious magic, it should be intentionally and methodically executed.

When I look back on my career, it's not the impossible goals I've personally hit or big competitors I've personally beaten that make me the proudest. 

My greatest definition of professional success is that if I were hit by an asteroid today, I could go to that great CRM in the sky knowing I'd still had an immeasurable impact on the world because of the incredible impact the people I've helped grow will have on the world.

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