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How AirBNB Provided a Niche with Christina Cevetillo

May 19, 2023 Vincent A. Lanci/ Christina Cevetillo Season 18 Episode 10
That Entrepreneur Show
How AirBNB Provided a Niche with Christina Cevetillo
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Show Notes

The main areas of discussion this week will be creative design and digital marketing.  There are so many sub-areas in these fields, so buckle up. Some of them include: Social Media Marketing, Visual Brand Identity, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and WordPress Management. Christina Cevetillo joins us as the Founder of Sage Marketing and Media.

Other Areas of Discussion
-Creating intimate relationships with clients
-Psychological connection with clients
-AirBNB marketing
-How she sets her company apart
-Unique value propositions
-A deep look into design thinking

The spotlight story at the end of the show is going to be a great one this week. Since we have a creative design expert with us today, we will discuss an article from Harvard Business School Review titled, 5 Examples of Design Thinking in Business. Follow along here.

Cevetillo  earned a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and is now a Social Media and Digital Marketing Connoisseur. 

She will also add value to the show through her work as a licensed financial representative, so stay tuned for a value-filled show.

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