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Michael LeBlanc Talks Manifestation and Happiness

May 12, 2023 Vincent A. Lanci/ Michael LeBlanc Season 18 Episode 9
That Entrepreneur Show
Michael LeBlanc Talks Manifestation and Happiness
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Show Notes

“Become masterful at how to tune into the energy and consciousness of your success and solutions instead of the consciousness and energy of your problems and struggles.”

WELCOME Michael LeBlanc! Consciousness Coach/ Energy Practitioner/ International Speaker-Facilitator/ Author

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Some areas of discussion:
-Lessons learned from first business as Part Time Landscaping/ Part Time Social Work
-How to create 4 lines of influence
-When he knew it was time to launch 2nd Website and Extend Brand
-The moment he knew it was time for entrepreneurship 

This week's spotlight story will cover 10 Local Businesses That Made Our Mardi Gras. Follow along here.

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I am Michael LeBlanc Author, Life Coach, Energy Practitioner and Speaker and help others Manifest Better Lives on purpose. I help audiences and individuals align with their Spiritual-Self, their True-Self, their Best Version of Themselves.

I am a licensed clinical social worker, and certified life coach with 30 years experience.  I am also trained in the practice of Reiki (since 1993) and Ho Oponopono (2015).  For the past 15 years I have also been an international business consultant and trainer facilitating leadership, culture change and safety leadership workshops worldwide (30 countries).

I have designed and delivered trainings for Fortune 500 Companies such as:  Chevron, Corning Incorporated, Saudi Aramco and many others.


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