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Finding True Purpose After Creating Real Estate Investment Firm with Allan Blain

April 30, 2023 Vincent A. Lanci/ Allan Blain Season 18 Episode 7
That Entrepreneur Show
Finding True Purpose After Creating Real Estate Investment Firm with Allan Blain
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Show Notes

Allan Blain is the former owner and CEO of a $40 million real estate investment company.  After realizing that he was not pursuing his true purpose and calling, he launched what he calls his “work-from-anywhere” freedom business, teaching everyday people how to create passive income streams from their phones.

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Within just 16 months he had turned a $75 investment into a 6-figure passive income. Today, he has grown his organization to include over 10,000 others spanning 10 countries, producing millions in annual revenue, and representing countless lives that have been positively impacted by his company’s food supplements.

Allan thoroughly loves coaching and encouraging other entrepreneurs by sharing past struggles and mistakes he’s overcome, and the mindset and strategies used to massively succeed both in business and at home. Allan is also the host of the top ranked podcast called “Life’s Hard, Succeed Anyway” where his weekly guests share their stories, struggles and strategies used to overcome their adversity and succeed anyway! 

When he’s not working, Allan can be found hanging out with his family at their Nashville lake home, taking others wake-surfing or fishing, training for a triathlon or dating his wife, Nicole.  Allan has been married to Nicole for over 30 years and they have been blessed with 6 children.

Launched current business in the Health & Wellness space in 2015.


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