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Undergoing a Transformation

April 21, 2023 Vincent A. Lanci/ Blckbutterfly Season 18 Episode 5
That Entrepreneur Show
Undergoing a Transformation
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Show Notes

From the US to South Africa and France, the worldwide BLCKBUTTERFLY returns to share his transformation and rebirth from Sellah to BLCKBUTTERFLY, being signed under a company Jay Z created, best advice for those new to the music scene from his lessons learned, and so much more. Click play to get started!

Other areas of discussion:

  • Rebounding from false hopes
  • Cultural shocks
  • Finding bright spots even when things don’t work out
  • Why do complete strangers give better feedback then people you know for years

Advice for those in the industry:

  • Why buying streams or followers isn’t for him as BLCKBUTTERFLY - and why you should consider his perspective before you do 
  • Instagram doesn’t correlate to the next platforms
  • How to use free resources with rights usage for you 
  • Why Producers and Writers make royalties- not Artists

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