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Mamba Sports Academy -> NFL -> Health and Wealth with Sheff

April 13, 2023 Vincent A. Lanci/ Sterling Sheffield Season 18 Episode 3
That Entrepreneur Show
Mamba Sports Academy -> NFL -> Health and Wealth with Sheff
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Show Notes

From the Mamba Sports Academy, to the grind of earning a spot in the NFL, to now life after football, this week’s entrepreneur is going to bring the value you are looking for. 

  • From what everyone else wanted from him to doing what he wanted and putting things in his own hands
  • Why sales skills and value offered are everything 
  • Breaking through our limited beliefs
  • Extending the brand and creating multiple streams of income
  • Health and wealth 
  • The 4 C’s
  • Time and place to have a nightlife: Having discipline

The spotlight story at the end of the show is powerful. We will dive into an article titled, 7 Entrepreneurial Skills Learned From Sports. Follow along here.

Check out his interview on A Mental Health Break here!

After switching from Private to Public School, he was forced to switch positions because they did not want a black quarterback. 

He continued to strive for greatness in college, where he started 4th string on depth chart. In just 2 months, he became a starter and paved his road to the NFL.

He is an exuberant, competitive leader that amplifies the mindset of a winning attitude towards people around me. 

"Sheff" is an open-minded thinker that is willing to dissect plans, and strategies that will improve the performance of myself, others and corporate objectives. 

As a former Professional Athlete, he has been able to translate the ability to apply strong communication skills to lead a team towards a common goal - Grow and Win.  

He is obsessed with continuous improvement of his craft and competitively driven to succeed which has proven to be contagious within a team environment. He also has a passion for reading and growing his mindset.

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