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How to Expand + Rocket: Prepare for Launch

April 06, 2023 Vincent A. Lanci/ Michael Budensiek Season 18 Episode 1
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How to Expand + Rocket: Prepare for Launch
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Show Notes

We are diving into ways to expand your business  and the power of networking! 

"I started coaching people over 17 years ago; I started as a Sports Coach, then a Personal Trainer, then into Entrepreneurship with a team, a Health Coach, a Business Consultant, and now focus most of my time in Strategic Advising & Life Strategy."

Michael Budensiek never officially graduated high school, instead opting to get his GED since he spent much of his time working as a carpenter and t the gym working out in his teenage years. He attempted one semester of college, which he didn’t feel was for him – then became a Firefighter/EMT for his local county.

After his 12 months of probationary fire fighting, he had a lingering itch to get into the fitness industry, start a business, and help people change their lives. He found a trade school for Personal Training that had a 5-month course and took the leap, moving 1000 miles across the country to get it done.

He went on to start as a trainer at local gym back in his home town of Indianapolis, IN and 15 months after almost losing that job due to no sales or prospecting experience, took over the club as the Personal Training manager, leading it to record performances.

In 2013, he opened his first Personal Training Studio and was able to open 5 locations in 5 years, which he says was a crazy ride that he would do over and over again.

In 2019, after moving 1000 miles across the country with his wife to Tampa, FL for a better climate and other opportunities, Michael decided to sell his first company so that him and his wife could start and focus on a brand new fitness company with a different niche market.

In 2018, Michael also started consulting businesses which opened his eyes to many opportunities to help and serve people coaching in different ways and has helped coach over 60 business owners in different areas.

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