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Gaining Confidence, Getting Started, Scaling

March 03, 2023 Vincent A. Lanci Season 17 Episode 16
That Entrepreneur Show
Gaining Confidence, Getting Started, Scaling
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Show Notes

This week, we are taking a break from interviews to provide you with free access to Host Vincent A. Lanci's 3rd "Where to Begin in Entrepreneurship" workshop with audience engagement throughout.

Key Focus: Gaining confidence, getting started, and scaling.

To watch the video version of this engagement, head to this link.
To receive a free PDF copy of the presentation, email
To request a free discovery call with Lanci, email

Outline of Engagement Funded by the InLab at HCC:

  • Meet the Presenter
  • What is an entrepreneur? Which job(s) does an entrepreneur hold?
  • Characteristics of an entrepreneur
  • What led Lanci to entrepreneurship
  • Areas to think about before becoming an entrepreneur: Getting started!
  • How to grow in entrepreneurship
  • Fears entrepreneurs face
  • Signing off with 3 challenges: Call to Action
  • Q&A

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