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Leadership Lessons from South Africa to Canada

February 24, 2023 Vincent A. Lanci/ Vanessa Judelman Season 17 Episode 15
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Leadership Lessons from South Africa to Canada
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Show Notes

This week, we are focusing on personal development, leadership styles, and how to improve.

We welcome Vanessa Judelman to That Entrepreneur Show- The podcast where founders of companies and brands share their entrepreneurial journeys, lessons learned, tips for success, and more each Friday since 2019.

Key Focus: Improving your leadership ability

We have a valuable spotlight story headed your way towards the end of the show. We discuss, 5 Ways to Focus on Personal Development as a Business Owner, and Why You Should. Follow along here.

A few areas she highlights include:

  • Leaders get promoted into leadership positions without any formal training or development
  • Why trails and tribulations are a top learning experience 
  • Growth mindset
  • Setting Infrastructure in place
  • Systems within your company 

Meet the Founder of Mosaic People Development: She been a leadership facilitator and coach for over 20 years. Judelman has even authored a book about leadership so she brings plentiful expertise to the show.

Over the years, she has trained and coached thousands of people to transition from “doers” to leaders.

It is common for leaders to have a lot of responsibilities, conflicting priorities and challenging “people” related issues.

Vanessa has also learned over the years that leaders are “made” not born. Sure, there are some individuals who find leadership to be intuitive. But to be honest, most people do not.

She works with leaders to give them the tools and strategies they need to feel confident, be more self-aware, team focused and strategic!

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