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Forbes Next 1000, Marijuana Venture 40 Under 40, and Drop Delivery

February 10, 2023 Vincent A. Lanci/ Vanessa Gabriel Season 17 Episode 13
That Entrepreneur Show
Forbes Next 1000, Marijuana Venture 40 Under 40, and Drop Delivery
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Show Notes

It’s been ten years since marijuana was first legalized for recreational use. Since then, the cannabis industry has exploded into a multibillion dollar industry, and is finally starting to be taken seriously as a legitimate, lucrative business.

If Med Men is the Apple Store of cannabis, Drop Delivery is the next Amazon. It’s the first and only all-in-one compliant delivery management platform in the cannabis industry, led by 30-year-old serial entrepreneur Vanessa Gabriel

Gabriel joins the show to chat about:

  • Reacting quickly and efficiently in a changing marketplace
  • App branding: how to do it, why to do it, and standing out from the crowd
  • How to scale in highly regulated and emerging markets
  • Eliminating logistical issues to optimize customer experience

Vanessa has been recognized by Forbes Next 1000, Marijuana Venture 40 Under 40, and is a part of the Rolling Stone Culture Council.

About Drop Delivery: Cannabis delivery shouldn’t be complicated. Drop is the software solution that empowers cannabis businesses to deliver more and manage less. We provide you with the essential tools to take control of your business – from delivery logistics to powerful marketing and inventory management.

Other Areas of Discussion:
-Inventory management lessons learned
-What is crowdfunding?
-Creating something that has not been done

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