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What Started the Living Undeterred Movement

March 24, 2023 Vincent A. Lanci/ Jeffrey Johnston Season 17 Episode 13
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What Started the Living Undeterred Movement
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Show Notes

Key Focus: Following, Growing, and Monetizing Your Passion

  • What led him to leave the world of Finance to launch his Living Undeterred Movement 
  • How to create an expo from scratch, write a book, launch a podcast, and start a radio show
  • Lessons selling life insurance at a young age teaches you

The spotlight story at the end of the show is powerful. He has faced tremendous adversity and has now used to to propel him forward. We dive into the Forbes article , 5 Entrepreneurs On How Facing Adversity Helped Them Build Successful Businesses. Follow along here.

"On 10/4/16 and again on 6/29/21 this became very personal for me. In a span of 5 years I went from standing on top of the mountain to lying on my back at the bottom of the “abyss.” Our oldest son, Seth died from fentanyl poisoning at the age of 23 and was soon followed by my wife of 21 years, Prudence succumbing to alcoholism at the age of 46. 2 deaths. So preventable yet predictable at the same time.

Battling my own alcoholism and compulsive gambling I decided to take a stand. On 12/24/17 it all changed. I decided to take a turn on the “better” road and say goodbye to the “bitter” road. I dove headfirst into mental health advocacy and have found ways to be at the best place emotionally, physically and spiritually I have ever been in my life. How I did this and my "why" is what I share each and every day.

Launched The Undeterred Podcast in 2020, which can be found at In April 2020 I founded the non-profit Living Undeterred Project (formally The Choices Network, Ltd) to promote and encourage healthy lifestyle choices for teens and young adults.

In  9/2020 I released my first book, "This One's For You-An Inspirational Journey Through Addiction, Death and Meaning" found online at On May 12th, 2022 I embarked on my largest project yet, The Living Undeterred US Tour, a 95 day odyssey throughout the US sharing stories and researching ways to actually make a difference."

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