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The Anxiety Expert Extraordinaire is Here

April 22, 2022 Vincent A. Lanci/ Jodie Ellenor Season 14 Episode 4
That Entrepreneur Show
The Anxiety Expert Extraordinaire is Here
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Show Notes

Struggling with Anxiety? This is the show for you. We are closing in on episode #200!

Welcome to Episode #196 of That Entrepreneur Show - Hear stories that help you level up.
Jodie is an anxiety expert extraordinaire who helps women heal anxiety holistically so they can spend more time enjoying life and less time fearing it.

About her program, Holistic Anxiety Fix is a holistic healing service that focuses on helping women to heal anxiety so that they can embrace life with calm confidence. 

The program integrates more traditional therapeutic approaches to healing anxiety with modern functional medicine approaches for a truly mind/body experience to healing.

Ellenor joins us as the Founder of Healing Journey Wellness Services, with past experience in social work, individual/family/couple therapy, and nutrition.

In this episode, she will uncover her Tips for Success, Hidden Causes to Anxiety, How to Heal Anxiety Holistically, and much more.

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Each week since 2019, the founder of a company or brand shares what worked for them, what they needed to improve on, and all of their learning lessons along the way. 

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Host Name: Vincent A. Lanci

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